Print a Word Document Double-Sided


Cost: Color/black and white prints are $0.20 per page. Double-sided prints are considered 2 pages.
Accepted forms of payment include coins and bills.

STEP 1: Click on File.
STEP 2: Click on Print.
STEP 3: Under "Settings", click on Print One Sided.
STEP 4: Click on Print on Both Sides - Flip pages on long edge. (Flip pages on long edge is for portrait documents. Flip pages on short edge is for landscape documents.)
STEP 5:  On the print screen, if needed, change the number of copies needed, then click Print.
STEP 6:  When prompted, enter your name as the user name (password is not required) and click Print.
STEP 7:  Locate a print station and double-click on the user name typed to send the print job.
STEP 8:  Click the small box in the top left corner to select all items to print.
STEP 9:  Click Print.
STEP 10:  Review the cost, and insert the required payment into the pay machine.
STEP 11:  Click Print.