Can I Choose Which Computer to Use?


Unless you changed it, your password is a default we set for you. It’s a 4-digit PIN, based on your birthday. It’s the two numbers of your birth month, and the LAST two digits of your birth year. So if you were born in April of 1973, your password would be 0473.

Casual Computing and Youth Services

If you want to sit at Casual Computing or Youth Services (the computers NOT inside the Computer Lab), you can choose which computer you want to use. Simply sit down at your choice of computer, and enter your library card number as the log on, and your PIN.

Computer Lab

If you want to be in the Computer Lab, you will need to sign up at the Reservation Station and will be randomly assigned a computer.
STEP 1:  At the Reservation Station, scan or type your library card number and type in your PIN number.
STEP 2:  Choose Computer Lab and proceed to your assigned computer in the lab.
STEP 3:  Re-enter your library card number and PIN at the computer.