VHS to DVD Transfer Station

Our self-service Transfer Station allows you to copy VHS tapes to DVD. You can bring your own DVD to use in the transfer station, or purchase a DVD at the Library for $1.

Do you have other video formats, such as VHS-C or 8MM, that you would like to transfer to DVD? If you have all the proper equipment and cables, ask the Digital Services Assistant for more information about how to transfer and what you are required to bring.

How to Reserve and Walk-in's

You can reserve a specific date and time to use the VHS to DVD Transfer Station by stopping at the Digital Services Desk or by calling 630.213.5044. Walk-ins are welcome as long as the VHS to DVD Transfer Station is not reserved.


STEP 1:  Press the Power button on the Samsung TV.  This can be found underneath the display on the bottom-right.
STEP 2:  Press the Power button on the Magnavox DVD recorder. This is the leftmost button. Note – There are two sets of playback control buttons – the ones on the left control the VHS; the ones on the right control the DVD.
STEP 3:  Insert a VHS tape into the recorder.
STEP 4:  The VHS tape should play automatically. If not, press Play.  Video tracking adjustment buttons are in the center and should be set to play the video clearly.
STEP 5:  Stop the VHS tape and rewind it fully.
STEP 6:  Press Open/Close button to open the disc tray and insert a blank recordable DVD. Close the tray.  Press the Source button to light the DVD LED.
STEP 7:  Press Play once more to start VHS video followed by pressing the D.Dubbing button on the DVD recorder to begin the copying process. This process requires the video to be played at standard speed – the entirety of what is to be copied must be watched. You can turn the monitor off while recording or leave on to monitor progress.  Note - 1hour on the VHS will take 1 hour to record.
STEP 8:  When It’s Time to Stop

STEP 9:  Turn off both devices when finished.