Scanning Instructions


Cost: Free

STEP 1: Locate a print station.
STEP 2: Place document/stack of documents face-up in the top feed of the print station.
* If scanning something like a page in a book/magazine or a flat object, lift the upper grey portion of the print station and place the material face-down in the upper-left corner.
STEP 3: Press Menu.
STEP 4: Press Scan/Fax.
STEP 5: Press Email.
STEP 6: Press the Keypad icon, enter your email address, and press OK.
* If sending to multiple emails, just press Email again to add another email address.
STEP 7: If you would like to scan double-sided or change the file type that is created, do so now using the settings at the bottom of the screen.
STEP 8: Click the Start button.
STEP 9: Allow scan to process all documents before removing them.