Faxing Instructions


Cost: $1.75 for the first page, $1.00 for additional pages.
Accepted forms of payment include fax cards (paid for at the circulation desk) and credit/debit cards.

STEP 1:  Locate the faxing terminal on the first floor near the digital services desk.
STEP 2:  Place letter or legal size documents face down in the fax tray.
STEP 3:  Pick up the phone to receive verbal instructions.
STEP 4:  Press 1 for fax.
STEP 5:  Enter the destination #.
STEP 6:  Enter your fax card #, or your credit/debit card #.
STEP 7:  You will be given the option to receive a confirmation text for an extra fee.
STEP 8:  When you hear the fax machine sound, press Start.
STEP 9:  Hang up the phone and wait for documents to process.
STEP 10:  Once the transmission is complete, you will receive a confirmation slip.